The Prevention Association of Social Harms
with regard to its organizational goals, has an active presence in the international community and human rights organizations. Read our Statements and Opinions in Global Forums on this page:

The statement of Iranian NGOs regarding the disaster in Myanmar

From 2012 to-date sectarian violence which is between the majority Buddhists and the Muslim Rohingya minorities has left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes and displaced.

Statement on the improvement of the refugee’s conditions in Iran

At the 36th session of the UN Human Rights Council the (P.A.S.H.) issued a statement on refugee’s problems in Iran, which was read out by the representative of the Association at the scene of the Council.

The ban on the entry of nationals of seven Muslim countries to the US

Such a selective and discriminatory measure which clashes with the protection of human dignity, only strengthens the exploitation basis for extremists and further incitement of supports of violence and terrorism.

Statement on defending the Rights of Oppressed Yemeni Children

According to international reports 12 million Yemenis are in famine conditions due to the continuation of war and they need humanitarian aid.

Statement on the Rights of the Victims of Drug in Iran

We commend the new approach of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the cooperation of the Islamic Parliament and the Judiciary for setting alternative punishments for drugs related crimes, and believe that this will greatly affect the...

Statement condemning ISIL's abuse of children in war

The reports also reveal the devastating situation of those who were obliged to leave their homes because of the crimes committed by the ISIL terrorist group. More than half of these people are children who are living in extreme conditions without having basic resources.

Statement on International Cooperation in Combating Drugs

The developing world is witness to the appearance of a crisis which has drawn millions of people to slavery because of addiction.

Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights

We suggest that by adopting a pragmatic approach, the reporter seeks to provide strategic solutions by consulting Iranian academic elite, religious and legislative institutions in order to have a further clarification on the meaning of whether this crime is serious or not.

Statement on the Abuse of Children in Armed Conflict

In some reports, these armed groups force families to rent their children for money, food and clothing in exchange to fight for the terrorist group. These children are trained in circumstances in which brutal and violent actions such as decapitation are used and practiced.

Statement on the Necessity of Combatting Violence and Extremism

As a NGO active in the field of humanitarian activities We condemn terrorist and violent acts, & any ethnic, racial or religious abhorrence that results in any form & any motive leading to discrimination, hostility and violence.

Protection of Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Iraq and Syria

Ethnic and religious minorities, including Christians, Yazidis, Kurds and Turkmens, are targets of massacre, torture, looting, destruction of property and disconnection to the basic human services.

Statement on the necessity of combating Islamophobia

Unfortunately, offense to the Prophet of Islam and obvious assaults to the beliefs and religious values of one and a half billion people have become a normal subject under the pretext of "freedom of expression" in some societies.

Violation of Children's Rights from Sanctions against Iran

Should this Convention just be seen as an agreement with no credibility, or will the UN with its worthy accomplishments intervene and defend the contents of the Convention?

The sanctions on the provision of drugs for special diseases patients

We ask the Council to through the removal and reduction of these types of sanctions, to help Iranian women, children, senior citizens and the sick to enjoy their right to health and medical care.

Palestine children

Condemning the violation of children's rights, we believes that more effective mechanisms must be created at the international level to prevent the violation of the rights of the children, and to force Israel to observe international commitments.

Necessity for attention towards the Sexual Jihad

As a nongovernmental organization active in humanitarian activities we call upon the Council to while condemning the abuse of religious beliefs and immoral and inhuman acts that are taking place, to seriously act upon them.

Violation against Shia

Presently indifference and humiliation arrests, persecution, imprisonment, failure to investigate complaints filed by the Shia in courts and the lack of the implementation of courts decisions that are made in favour of the Shia,...

Support for the existence of religious minorities

We believe that efforts to identify extremist and opportunist groups from the real defenders of minorities' rights can be a first step in the reduction of violence and an efforts towards the protection of the rights of minorities.